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    • Founded 2011
    • Over 10000 appliances sold to AU
    • Guaranted delivery to your home
    • Always the latest models
    • Money Payback Guarantee by PayPal
    • Optional extended warranty
    • All deliveries fully insured
    • Outstanding after care service
  • 60 days, 1 or 2 years replacement/repair warranty

    1. For 60 days from your purchase we offer replacement/repair warranty if the below conditions are being met.
    2. We offer optional 1 or 2 years suppliers warranty for the appliances we sell. This option is currently only available in Australia.
    3. If you experience a problem with your appliance:
      • Please fill out the Warranty Request Form on our website.
      • Please find a repairer in your area.
      • If a fault is found EU Appliances we will reimburse you for the repair your appliance.
      • If finding a repairer is not possible or repair is not economical we send a replacement appliance.
      • Warranty period is only valid for the maximum time of 2 years regardless of part replacement.
      • Warranty period is valid from the receipt of goods and not point of sale or installation or date of purchase.
      • If the fault is not under warranty all associated charges are the customer's responsibility.
    4. Product Identification
      • EU Appliances reserves the right to reject claims for any services or work where the Customer requesting such work or services from EU Appliances and cannot produce for verification the Serial Number and the proof of purchase as per original purchase/order number.
      • The warranty will be voided if any Serial Number sticker on the warrantable equipment is removed or has been tampered with.
      • Warranty is void without proof of installation from a qualified registered electrical contractor.
    5. What is covered by this warranty?
      • The equipment is covered for faulty workmanship on parts which have failed under normal use which are contained within the product.
    1. What is not covered by this warranty (excluded):

      any failure:

      • of equipment due to the product being inadequately serviced;
      • resulting from dirt, dust, rodents and insects;
      • resulting from “fair wear and tear”;
      • caused by inherent defect or design faults, pre-existing defects or recalls;
      • negligence, accident or deliberate misuse;
      • due to incompatibility of parts;
      • due to a dropped product; collision with another object; any result of a malfunction
      • or damage of an operating part from failure to provide manufacturer’s recommended maintenance;
      • due to theft, abuse, misuse, neglect, vandalism, or environmental conditions.

      any repairs;

      • to any components that have been fitted to the product after the original purchase;
      • due to incompatibility.


      • for any kind due to warping, rust, corrosion, of any part of the product including to the system caused by overheating as a result of sitting or positioning of the equipment, where there is not provision for adequate ventilation or a dust free environment;
      • to a system or components, caused by power surges or spikes, including and not limited to, mains power and telecommunications connections, or to other unspecified sources, voltage fluctuation, amperage fluctuation, rust or corrosion;
      • glass, plastic, metal breakage
      • due to negligence, accident, theft, flood, fire, earthquake, electrical storms or any war related events;
      • costs of attendance and testing where no mechanical or electrical failure is identified;
      • normal maintenance costs;
      • products with removed or altered serial numbers;
      • consumables such as but not limited to bulbs/globes, batteries;
      • Any type of damage not reported to us within 48 hour after delivery.
    2. The term of the warranty commences from the date of purchase as listed on the Customers invoice or from the day of the delivery whichever occurs later.
    3. EU Appliances reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of the warranty at any time without notice.
    4. It is the customer’s responsibility to seek out an accredited electrical service agent in the customers area. We reserve the right to seek out a third party if necessary.
    5. The customer must provide a quote before repair if the fees are deemed to be over $150.
    6. Most of the cases you will be asked to pay for the repair bill and send us the invoice. We pay you within 24 hours.


    Thank you for your enquire, we will get back to you as soon as possible.