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    60 days repair/replacement warranty. Please read more about our warranty conditions HERE
    1 year extended warranty (AU $195)
    2 years extended warranty (AU $324)

    Voltage standard

    All appliances work with 220-240V/50Hz and can be used without any problem in Australia. We recommend to use a licensed electrician for installation.

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    NEFF D95FHP1S0

    inc. shipping, insurance, taxes

    AU $1,790


    High-performance, flat-screen design cooker hood - you will definitely have enough space during cooking to look at the food
    EfficientDrive: a new engine technology that makes baking and cooking incredibly quiet and energy efficient
    TouchControl: easy-to-adjust settings with a single finger thanks to the control panel's built-in flat surface
    Intensive speed: increases the suction speed when the steam from cooking increases
    Dimmer function - you can easily adjust the light to suit your mood
    Interval ventilation - automatically ventilates every hour for clean, fresh air

    Hood with flat umbrella
    90 cm
    Device color: black
    Glass surface: transparent black glass surface, printed
    Noise reduction function
    Operation and performance:
    Wall-mounted cooker hood
    Easy wall mounting system
    Touch Control: 3 gears plus 2 intense
    Power Boost position
    2 high-performance motors, energy-saving BLDC technology
    Operating modes:
    Can also be used for outlet and circulation mode
    Use without a chimney is also possible
    For internal circulation mode, a CleanAir module (optional accessory) is required
    Energy efficiency class:
    Average annual energy consumption: 37.8 kWh / year
    Hydrodynamic efficiency: B *
    Lighting efficiency:
    Grease filtration efficiency: B
    Noise level (minimum / maximum): 43/57 dB
    Environment and safety:
    Touch Control, 2X7 segment display
    Stiffening frame: easy to clean
    3 gears plus 2 intense
    Touch Control (3 gears plus 2 intense) and 2X7 segment display
    Automatic 10 minute follow-up
    2 extraction areas: front and bottom
    Automatic reset function after 6 minutes
    moments Switch
    Brightness control function
    2 x 1,5W LED
    Brightness: 225 lux
    Color temperature: 3500 ° K
    Even distribution of extraction power
    Indication of the saturation of the metal grease filter or carbon filter
    Metal grease filter, Glass surface
    Metal grease filter, dishwasher safe
    Pipe diameter: Ø 150 mm (packed with Ø 120 mm)
    Dimensions, internal circulation mode, chimney (MaxSexx): 1029-1299 x 890 x 263 mm
    Dimensions with CleanAir module (MaxWxDh): 1159 x 890 x 263 mm - with external chimney 1229-1499 x 890 x 263 mm - with telescopic chimney
    Dimensions, internal circulation mode, without chimney (MaxWxH): 500 mm x 890 x 263 mm
    Dimensions in air outlet mode (Height x Width x Depth): 969-1239 x 890 x 263 mm
    Technical information:
    Power measured according to EN 61591 ø 15 cm: max. 394 m³ / h in normal gear and 717 m³ / h in intensive gear
    Extraction power according to DIN / EN 61591, max. 394 m³ / h
    Max. Suction capacity: 394 m³ / h, outlet mode, measured according to EN 61591
    Exhaust capacity in outlet mode according to EN 61591: maximum normal speed: 394 m³ / h, intensive speed: 717 m³ / h
    Noise level according to EN 60704-3 and EN 60704-2-13 at maximum normal speed in outlet mode: 57 dB (A) for 1 pW (44 dB (A) for 20 µPa sound pressure)
    Noise level according to EN 60704-3 and EN 60704-2-13 in outlet mode: Highest stage: 57 dB (A) for 1 pW (44 dB (A) for 20 µPa sound pressure) Intensive stage: 70 dB (A) for 1 pW (sound pressure of 20 µPa for 57 dB (A))
    Maximum extraction capacity: 717 m3 / h
    Extraction power in internal circulation mode: Max. In normal use: 294 m³ / h Intensive: 527 m³ / h
    Noise levels in internal circulation mode: Max. Normal use: 60 dB (A) for 1 pW (47 dB (A) for 20 µPa sound pressure) Intense: 73 dB (A) for 1 pW (60 dB (A) for 20 µPa sound pressure )
    Connection value: 143 W

    Technical specifications

    • SIZE : 1029-1299 x 890 x 26 mm
    • WEIGHT : 30 KG
    • MAX EXTRACTION RATE : 717 m³/h
    • MAX NOISE LEVEL : 70 dBA

    * The product descriptions and accessories are based on the manufacturer specifications, it can change without any further notice at any time. We cannot take responsibility if changes occure, for further details please contact us.


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